Dirt Track Kinda Life


What is a dirt track Mom? Well that’s me! Shelton Shenanigans!

We spend our weekends traveling up and down the great Ol’ Sunshine State hitting some awesome Dirt Tracks! Our home track is Tulare Kings Kart Club, Located in Hanford, CA. My Son races a Jr 1 Flat Kart. My Husband Races anything under the sun he can get his hands on. My daughter use to race and so did I. This is actually where I met my husband Over 20 years ago at the same race track our kids are racing on.  I’ll say I’m pretty bias but he’s kinda my favorite driver. We race all year round. Summer were in Hanford, in the winter we are in Chowchilla! Which isn’t too far away from us about an hour north! We try to his a few other tracks here and there and in-between! But these two are my favorites!

Back to being a dirt track mom, what exactly does my job entail.. Well I am going to be sharing my experience with you. For the most part, we are Eat, Breath and Sleep racing. If we are not racing on a race track, we are at the racing watching some Sprint Cars or IMCA Modified! Our summer season just ended and you will get to go on an adventure with us this winter! Stay tuned!

So many memories are made at a little dirt track.

See yah Sooon!

Shelton Shenanigans OUT!