10 days No ALCOHOL!

Yes, you read that right! I have taken the ultimate sacrifice for mothers of toddlers and a stay at home mom!! I have decided to take a break from alcohol! I LOVE with a capital L drinking wine!! Actually its one of my favorite things to do in the evening, Grab a glass of wine, cook dinner. Grad a second glass of wine, help the kids with homework. Before I knew it, I had consumed an entire bottle of wine in one evening! Sound Familiar? I’m sure it does!

5 Reason I decided to take a break from Alcohol!

  1. Alcohol Steals YOUR time and YOUR families time! –
  2. Alcohol put my goals on hold!
  3. PCOS!
  4. I was sober on a camping trip and realized how ridiculous DRUNK people act.
  5. Stalled my weight loss

In my short time of taking a break from drinking alcohol this is what I’ve experienced:

  1. I sleep more soundly.
  2. I lost 8 lbs.
  3. Hello, clear complexion.
  4. I am focused, and present.
  5. My energy has skyrocketed
  6. Hormonal levels are starting to level out from PCOS.

I am so glad I made the decision to take this break from alcohol! Before I was getting 8 hours of sleep of night and feeling exhausted! NOW! I get around 6-6.5 hours of sleep and feel amazing!! I lost 8 LBS. I believe with a combination of diet and NO ALCOHOL, this has happened. Check out my Cabbage Soup to see my detox. I have so much more patients for my children and my husband! My chores are done around the house and I have dinner and I’m ready to tackle that common core, we all dread! My hormones are not perfect, mind you I have not taken blood work, but in over 2 months I have had a successful menstrual period. That was not medically induced! Over all I am so excited to take this journey! Keep an eye out for an update! I’m hoping I can make it through the holiday season without giving into the temptations of celebrating the holidays!


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