Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken Breast Review

Hey it’s me again, Shelton Shenanigans! I am a proud Mom Ambassador for a Group Called Moms Meet. What is a Mom Ambassador you ask? Well I get to be a part of an awesome social media group that gets to sample new products that are already out on the market or are new to the market!!

I was so excited when I saw Wild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken on the list!! I know this was something right up my ally!! When I got the email I was selected I literally almost fell out of my chair!! SCORE! I’ve been wanting to try their products for quite some time, but in my area there isn’t a lot of stores that carry it.

A little bit about Wild Planet. It’s been in business since 2004. And was founded by William Carvalho and Bill McCarthy. They wanted to start a company that addressed the need to preserve the nature marine habitat while still being able to harvest food. One of the coolest things I learned is their Fish is LINE CAUGHT or with a troll method. I found this to be extremely interesting!

The BIG UNBOXING! In my moms group there is about 6 of us moms and around 10 kiddos, give or take! So when applying for this I let them know we have a pretty large group!

5 Cans of Organic Roasted Chicken Breasts
1 can of ALBACORE Tuna
1 Can of Wild Sardines ( MY DAD LOVED THESE BY THE WAY) 
Barnyard Activity Book with a $1.00 Coupon on the back (BIG HIT)
Wild Planet Brocures
Chicken information Recipe cards
Wild Planet Lunch Cooler
Sampling Cups and Spoons

Some Fun facts about Wild Planets Chicken Breasts!

  1. 100% pure chicken breast
  2. Season with Sea Salt
  3. Roasted in its own natural juices
  4. Free range chicken ONLY
  5. NO BPA used in can or lid linings
  6. Gluten Free

Okay getting ready for our moms group!!

I knew I had to make a salad or something to go along with this because who is going to want to just eat chicken breast right out of the can!!

Ultimate Chicken Salad

SO I did and I will post the link below.

BUT I was pleasantly surprise when I opened the can. This has to be the most jammed packed can of chicken I have ever seen! You are definitely getting your monies worth with this  one!

First Glance Easy to Open, No weird Smell, and Jammed Packed full of CHICKEN!

So I fluffed it up a little bit before I placed it into my sampling cups and snagged a taste!! This was delicious!! It is so light and flavorful! The texture was just like eating a roasted chicken from home. You can taste all of the natural juices.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised, And so was all of my Moms!! We will definitely be purchasing very soon in the near future!

Score good Job Wild Planet Foods Keep up the good work!!

Presentation: The can is easy to read 5 oz. Nutritional labels and certified organic.
Accessibility: Very easy to open
Smell: No Smell
Taste: It tastes just like roasted chicken with no added preservatives! No after taste at all!
Texture: Great texture
Rating out of 10: 10/10


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